Expert Windows Doors Roofing & Siding specializes in pitched and low slope residential roofing. From asphalt shingles, metal roofs and newer composite material roofs we are able to lead you through the choices ensuring you are getting the roof you really want. Expert’s knowledgeable representatives will consult with you on your project needs and present you with a detailed scope of work. Experts experienced installation crews will then execute the plan and ensure your roof is professionally installed. Once completed, our goal is to have not only met but to have exceeded all of your expectations. Expert Roofing…We Do It Right!

Why a Good Roofing Company Matters to Your Family

A roof is the most critical aspects of your home. Without it, your family would be exposed to the elements. Your furniture, appliances, and possessions would quickly be ruined. While replacing a roof is a costly expense, it’s one that’s worth having done right. Instead of patching up your old roof and not solving underlying issues, hire a good roofing company to remove your old roof and replace it with a brand new one that will last for many years.

What Makes Us Different?

We believe in building a quality, long lasting roof. Our team of workers are reliable, on time, and professional. We believe in using quality materials. Since you’re paying a fair price for your new roof, we think that homeowners should also have a clear understanding of what is involved with the installation and the materials used. We will discuss this all while being quoted and make sure it all makes sense to you.

It is important that not only the right roofing materials are chosen for the climate we live in, but that they’re installed correctly, and to manufacturer’s directions. Proper installation of roofing materials will prevent moisture and rain from getting in through the cracks, which can ultimately get into your attic and the walls of your house. Remember that you want your roof done once, not twice. If a roof is done incorrectly, it can void the manufacturer’s warranty on the materials used.

We continuously train our team to use the product we carry. Even though we have expert installers, and we follow manufacturer’s instructions, certain aspects of roofing may also need to be done to building codes. Even something as simple as ensuring your roofing materials is flame-resistant, or flame-retardant is important. We’d like to remind you that flammable building materials are still sold and do not conform to code.

Once you’ve hired us to build your new roof, we can also provide a warranty of service for your roof, just ask our sales team about this when being quoted. If at any point you need repairs or maintenance done, we can book an appointment to get this done. If you need roofing repairs, they should be done quickly, otherwise, the damage can be more extensive, particularly if there is a severe storm ahead. If you do get a lot of severe storms in your region, it’s essential to inspect your roof on a regular basis, just to ensure that there are no missing materials or damage done to your roof.

When Is The Best Time To Call?

Summer is the busiest season for roofing replacement and repairs. We recommend you call early to book your roofing job. A lot of customers call in the winter of the prior year, or sometime in the first quarter of the year; you would like your roof replaced. We will try our best to accommodate all job requests promptly.

If you’re tired of that unsightly, leaking roof, give us a call today. Our sales team will go over every aspect of your roof installation. We can work within your budget and help to choose the right materials to complement your budget. We believe in getting a job done promptly, but still providing a well-installed and quality roof that will protect your family for a long time.