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At Expert Exteriors, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond to make your dream project comes to life. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that your vision is realized, no matter how big or small. Whether it’s a new roof for your home or a complete exterior makeover, we’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

At our initial consultation, we will discuss your ideas and ask you some important questions. We will then set up a time to come and measure your home.

In order to get an accurate estimate of your home, we will need to come and measure it as well as take pictures. This process usually takes between 30-60 minutes.

After discussing your options with you, we can provide you with a quote and project start date. We'll then order the necessary materials.

Entrance Systems

The Expert Exteriors Door System is simply the best door system available on the market today. Expert Exteriors doors are a perfect fit: quality at an affordable price. 

Expert Exteriors has retained century-old craftsmanship and combined it with modern day technology to provide you with a product that will endure the test of time. A wide selection of handcrafted door lites is available with a style guaranteed to match your taste. You can choose plain, baroque, bevel, glue chip or other popular styles of glass, combined with a variety of embossed steel and fiberglass door slabs.

Our doors have 1 ½” thick door frames for durability and strength. They come complete with thermally broken aluminum sills with wood-supported sub sills. These thresholds come complete with bumper as well as sweep weather-strips and the sill has an internal drainage system to shed water.

Customize your entry system with a transom or a sidelite. There are literally hundreds of glass lites to choose from.

Please select a door type for more details.


Double Doors

The double door system is unique in the sense that although you have two doors, one is an active door and the other is called the fixed panel.

The operator panel is exactly what the name implies – it’s the active door. It is hinged on the outside of the frame, and it is hinged on the left or the right side of the opening. The fixed panel has the astragal, and the operator closes against the fixed panel.

Unlocking the target bolts on the top and bottom of the door will open the fixed panel and allow access that is two doors wide, allowing large appliances or furniture to be easily moved in and out of your home.

The double door system can be outfitted with optional door lites, door frame depths and bored for hardware. You may add custom sidelites to any double door system to produce a truly magnificent entranceway.

To view our complete line of doors and door hardware, please visit Gentek Doors.

Fibreglass Doors

Expert Exteriors is proud to offer the complete line of Masonite fiberglass doors.

They are available in four beautiful and distinct product lines:

Barrington®, Belleville®, Oakcraft® & Artek®.

The Barrington® door is the essence of luxury and performance, featuring distinct raised moulding, authentic wood grain texture, and proprietary glass designs.

The Belleville® line includes a tremendous variety of panel configurations and sizes, with a very ornate panel profile and is offered with a smooth or textured wood grain surface.

The Artek® and Oakcraft® lines include all traditional designs and are also offered as flush-glazed.

Artek® features a smooth surface, while Oakcraft® is textured.

All of our fiberglass doors feature high-performance fiberglass facings and square-edge construction for maximum performance and authentic wood door appearance.

Features & Benefits

  • True square-edge design
  • Engineered stiles
  • Internal Blocking
  • Rot-resistant bottom rail
  • High-performance fiberglass facings
  • All units utilize a specialty decorative glass feature with 1″ insulated triple-pane glass inserts

To view our complete line of doors and door hardware, please visit Gentek Doors.

Patio Doors

Patio doors or “door walls” as they are sometimes called are a delightful change from your standard door.

The beauty of the patio door is that they provide you with an extremely high level of performance with a screened panoramic view.

Our patio doors differ from the patio doors of years ago…they are very energy efficient, secure and smooth to operate, and come in a variety of colours, sizes and finishes.

To view our complete line of doors and door hardware, please visit Gentek Doors.

Replacement Steel Doors

Our steel door comes primed and ready for paint, is polyurethane filled for an R16 insulation value, and features great wood stiles strength, and easy door lock and hinge installation.

The slabs come in a variety of standard sizes and embossing.

The frame is metal instead of wood, which is more secure than a conventional wood frame.

All replacement steel doors come complete with new weather-stripping, metal frame, aluminum thermally broken sill, and threshold sweep. All steel-framed replacement doors are bored for standard bore plus deadbolt bored.

This type of replacement is favoured when the wood frame of the door is:

  • In good shape
  • The opening can be reduced by 1 ¼” in width without hindering the entry and exit of large appliances
  • A high security metal frame is required
  • You have irreplaceable interior trim and or detail
  • The existing wood frame cannot be removed without causing extensive damage to the interior walls and or to the existing opening
  • There is a storm door that you would like to keep

To view our complete line of doors and door hardware, please visit Gentek Doors.

Single Doors

This is our most popular door.

The single door is a tradition, and it’s the most widely utilized door in new construction as well in a retrofit application.

This entrance door is available as a solid flat or embossed door, and it can be ordered with a door lite.

Choose your style, size, lock options, frame depth and then choose a door lite from our vast selection of catalogues if desired.

Enhance and brighten your entranceway with one of our beautiful sidelites.

Sidelites are an optional feature available for any door system.

Customize your entrance by adding a solid flat panel or embossed sidelite.

Choose your entrance door as a flat panel or embossed, with a door lite or without.

Choose one sidelite or two. Add a 36″, 48″ or full lite as your sidelite, mix or match the centre lite with the sidelite(s) – it’s your choice, and the possibilities are endless.

The more square inches of glass that you order, the greater the light in your entranceway. You be the judge.

To view our complete line of doors and door hardware, please visit Gentek Doors.

Terrace Doors

Terrace doors and French doors are one and the same.

Nomenclature is different in certain parts of the country, some people call them terrace doors and some people call them French doors.

Their unique feature is that the system has a sliding screen and that the operating door stores up against the fixed door, freeing up valuable interior wall space.

The doors are typically hinged in the centre, and are handed either left or right.

We’re able to hinge terrace doors on the outside frame when requested.

In addition, Terrace doors can be manufactured with transom lites over the top.

To view our complete line of doors and door hardware, please visit Gentek Doors.

Storm Doors

Our storm doors are designed to conserve heat in the winter, ventilate during the summer, beautify and protect Canadian homes year round.

All products are virtually maintenance-free. Wide selections of standard baked-on-enamel finishes are available to compliment your homes colour scheme.

Standard Features:

  • Reinforced Die Cast Corner
  • Four Heavy Duty Hinges with Oil-Lite Bearings
  • 3mm Tempered Glass
  • Black Durable Aluminum Screen
  • Superior Weatherstripping System
  • Colour-Matched Heavy Duty Hardware for Smooth Operation
  • Conforms to CGSB Standards

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