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Do You Have Window Condensation In Your Home?

There are 2 types of window condensation that can occur in your home.

The first is when a multi-pane window loses its seal, then the air in-between the panes is able to interact with the outside air and this will cause condensation to occur. This is the type of condensation that you cannot wipe off of your windows as it will be on the in-between panes of glass. Also, if left unrepaired, there will be a foggy or dirty appearance, and even more serious is the loss of energy efficiency to a window. This is because a multi-pane window with a seal failure, will perform similarly to a single pane piece of glass. When this type of failure occurs, either the glass alone must be replaced, or if the window is of an older design, where the window frame may also be rotten, then a new window may be recommended.

The second condensation on Windows related problem pertains mostly to newer homes. Perhaps you have heard the term that new homes are built very ‘tight.’ What that is in reference to is that newer homes do not have the high number of natural air exchanges with the outside air that older ones used to. While this does provide the desired benefits of lower heating and cooling costs and fewer drafts, the unwanted side effect is often more moisture trapped in the home, causing rising humidity levels.

The humidity levels can be affected by many factors such as home size, a number of people in the home, how often you cook, how often you bathe or shower, how often you use the dishwasher, and even how many plants you have in your home. These rising humidity levels factored along with cold outdoor temperatures can cause the glass to be cold and ultimately once reaching the dew point, condensation will appear on the interior pane of glass in the home. This is the type of condensation that usually begins to appear right at the bottom edge of the glass as this is where the glass is the coldest. You could simply wipe off the glass, but the problem will persist, often leading to unhealthy mould growth inside your home.

The 2 easiest solutions to rectify the problem are to lower the humidity inside the home or to install higher performance windows. Lowering the humidity in the can be done a number of ways, and lower moisture levels mean less chance of hitting the dew point. Installing new higher performance windows/glass packages means that the glass will be warmer and warmer means less chance of condensation occurring. Often, it is a combination of the 2 solutions that leads to the best results! For more information contact Expert Windows Doors Roofing & Siding.

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