The Vinyl Siding Comeback!

Let’s make one thing clear right away; vinyl siding has never left the entry-level new construction residential market, however, consumers in the renovation and mid-upper end new construction markets have in recent years gone to using products that gave them a different look or color that wasn’t available on vinyl. That is now changing.

To meet consumer demands, the vinyl siding manufacturers have responded by now offering more varied panels and bolder color options.  The profiles themselves are now made in many more sizes and designs often mimicking the upper-end trend-setting materials. The bolder dark color options make it easy for the homeowner to achieve that individualized appearance they want in their homes. In addition to these newer modern outward appearances, there have also been enhancements to the function of the panels. Newer insulation backed panels provide an increase of energy performance levels and noise reduction.

These new choices coupled with the traditional ease of installation and the same minimal amount of future maintenance are all reasons why one should consider all their options before making final selections. Expert Window Doors Roofing & Siding has already done the homework so that you can focus on getting the renovation you are in search of.  Contact us today to for a free consultation. We do it Right!

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